Our main goal is for people to have a longer and fuller life, committing us to their physical, mental and emotional health.

The diagnosis

We performed an initial comprehensive assessment emphasizing the essence of life, the internal environment and DNA, the cellular molecular atomic composition of tissues and organs obtaining a diagnosis of up to 90% certainty.


Our integrative treatments are based on laws and universal principles of comparative and proven therapeutic effectiveness until today discovered. We apply the protocols most appropriate to the specific needs of individual and comprehensive health.

One place

In Herrera N ° 933 with a pollution-free environment, monitored and treated, specially equipped and designed to provide you with high level of international attention and services, our staff awaits you to provide you with confidentiality, neutrality and security.


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Stem Cell Treatments

Our bodies use different kinds of tissue-specific stem cells to achieve a specific purpose. These cells have limited potential, and their main function is to produce the type of cells found in the tissue they come from. When there is a lack or deficiency in this production, disorders that can become very serious appear. In […]

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Acupuncture is an ancient therapy originally from China, which involves the application of needles at specific points of the body to treat diseases and promote health. These needles when applied to some specific regions are capable of treating various physical or emotional diseases such as sinusitis, asthma, migraine or arthritis, in addition to improving the […]

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Culture and self-transplantation of lymphocytes

The lymphocytes are responsible for protecting our body from all kinds of diseases, infections, external agents and cells that are no longer normal or that present some abnormality in their normal performance. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell. There are different types, and some produce useful antibodies to fight infections. In La Veró […]

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Collection and storage of Blood Stem and Umbilical Cord Tissue Cells

Stem cells are the only biological tool that can change vital aspects of the human being, at the present time and in the immediate future Along with the benefits of saving umbilical cord blood for the whole family, the stem cells present there have a special feature that makes them more effective compared to other […]

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